Editor in Chief

  • Kerim Gündoğdu


We are proud to have different and qualified studies related to our field in this issue, which we published right after the 10th International Education Programs and Instruction Congress, organized with the cooperation of Gazi University and EPÖDER on October 26-28, 2022.

In our December 2022 issue, qualified articles such as 'cooperation between families with special needs and school stakeholders; comparison of literacy and mathematics skills according to different countries; a meta-synthesis study on foreign language education; thinking skills of prospective teachers; multicultural teacher competencies; historical thinking skill scale development and a proposal for technology integration in education' were included.

We congratulate all our authors who contributed to the publication of this issue and wish them continued success. In addition, we would like to thank all our academic reviewers who are experts in their fields for carefully reviewing the articles and for their devoted contributions to the publication of our journal, without rejecting our reviewer assignments from the field of Curriculum and Instruction,

We continue to work with diligence, seriousness and consistency, without expecting anything in return, for the indexing of IJOCIS in higher databases. In addition, we had freshly joint members contributing meticulously to review process of the articles. We sincerely thank them for their efficient contribution.

The number of articles uploaded to IJOCIS, which is indexed by ERIC and TR Index, is increasing day by day. Starting from 2023, we will ensure that the articles that are in progress or that will be newly uploaded in our journal will be published in accordance with the APA7 style. We expect authors who will upload articles to our journal to pay attention to this point.

As always, we reiterate our call to all educators studying in the field of Curriculum and Instruction in our country and worldwide to submit original and high-quality studies to our journal.

With our best regards


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