Submission Evaluation Process

International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies (IJOCIS) is a refereed journal. All articles sent to International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies pass through a reviewing process during which the names of the authors and the reviewers are kept private.

The manuscripts sent for evaluation go through the following steps:

Preliminary Evaluation

Before the articles are sent to the reviewers, they are evaluated by the  Editor in Chief and Editors. The criteria for evaluation of the articles include relevance to the scope, scientific validity, importance of the topic, authenticity, relations with the former studies, the appropriateness of the references and the length of the manuscript. The manuscripts that do not comply with the scope, format and ethical considerations are rejected or asked revision. The articles accepted for evaluation by the editors are mostly sent to two or more reviewers to be evaluated independently. Each study is subject to plagiarism detection (ITHENTICATE) by the journal's technical team before going through the "Blind Review Evaluation Process".  It should be noted that the maximum rate of each citation is 3%.

Reviewing Policy

IJOCIS applies blind-review process for submission evaluation. The names of the reviewers and the authors are kept private.

Blind-Review Process

The articles accepted for evaluation by the editor are sent to two reviewersto be evaluated independently. The reviewers are designated from reviewer repository in accordance with their expertise and university diversity.

Reviewers evaluate the submissions with regard to authenticity, contribution to the field, critical analysis of literature, method, presentation of findings, discussion of the results and implications. Reviewers can accept, reject, or ask corrections/improvements for the submitted manuscripts. For a manuscript to be published, at least two reviewers should advice publication. When one reviewer recommends publication and the second reviewer recommends rejection, the manuscript is sent to a third reviewer for evaluation.

When a manuscript is sent back for corrections or improvements, the author is required to do so within 30 days and submit the revised version of the manuscript and add a respond to the reviewers with a separate file. Reviewers can ask for more than one correction for the same manuscript. The rejected articles are not sent back to the authors.

Final Evaluation

All papers accepted for publication by the reviewers are sent to the editor for the final evaluation. All accepted articles are subject to language proofreading by the journal language editors. The papers accepted for publication by the editors are added to the queue of accepted articles and are published in order of acceptance date.

The Length of Reviewing Process

The reviewing process may take long for various uncontrollable reasons. Normally, preliminary evaluation is completed between one-three weeks and reviewing process is finalized within one month. However, because of delays or rejections in review acceptance process or other various reasons, the process can last longer than anticipated. We kindly ask patience from our authors for such delays.

Authors who submit manuscripts to International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies accept the journal’s evaluation and reviewing policy.