Editor in Chief

  • Kerim Gündoğdu


'IJOCIS', which has the ideal of being a developing and transforming journal within the field of Curriculum and Instruction, has been indexed by TR Dizin and different education indexes. In addition, upon our applications, we were invited to be indexed by the 'Education Resources Information Center' (ERIC), which has been considered as one of the associate professorship promotion indexes for Educational Sciences in Turkey, since 2018. Soon we will take our place on the updated list. With this progress, there has been an increase in the number of articles uploaded to our journal.


In the 11th volume of the 2nd issue of the "International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies", which we published in 2021, quantitative and qualitative field studies on ‘in-service training program development, mathematics anxiety analysis, problems in inclusive education, higher education students during the pandemic process, examining the roles of teachers in the pandemic process’ as well as two meta-synthesis studies on ‘design-based understanding model and lesson study’ and a review study on 'curriculum theories’ have taken place.


We congratulate all the authors who contributed to this issue for their work and wish them continued success. In addition, I would like to thank all our academicians who are experts in their fields, who do not reject our review assignments from the field of Curriculum and Instruction, and the editorial board, who meticulously examine the articles, for their devoted contributions to the publication of our journal.


We continue to work with more diligence, seriousness and consistency than ever before so that our IJOCIS journal is indexed in more qualified and recognizable databases. We invite all educators working in the field of Curriculum and Instruction in our country and around the world to submit original and scientific studies to our journal.


With my best regards.

Prof. Dr. Kerim GÜNDOĞDU


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