Peer-Review Policy

In the evaluation process of the articles submitted to The International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies (IJOCIS), both the authors and the reviewers' identities are reserved (double-blind peer-review process). Before the reviewer evaluation is initiated, the study is evaluated in terms of scope, scientific validity, importance and authenticity of the subject, relation to previous studies, suitability of the use of resources and citations and the suitability of the journal's submission rules, the study is sent to two or more reviewers by the editor.

Each reviewer is asked to evaluate the scientific validity and authenticity of the article and to emphasize the strengths and weaknesses of it. Reviewer reports play a decisive role in the refusal or acceptance of articles, but the final decision on the publication of an article belongs to the editor.

When an article is formally accepted, the estimated publication date is reported to the author(s) based on the number of articles waiting to be published. Articles are published in an order, based on acceptance dates. Accepted articles are sent to the author(s) about two weeks prior to the printing, for correction and printing approval. The evaluation process described above takes an average of three months.

The author(s), who is/are required to make corrections for the article, must complete these  revisions within the requested time period.

If the article has been rejected, or has been asked to be extensively revised or the author(s) believes that the reason for rejection or correction is not on a scientific/rational basis, the author has the right to ask the editor and the reviewers to re-evaluate. The appeal is evaluated by the editor and the final decision is given accordingly. The article can either be re-evaluated or the objections of the author(s) may not be sufficient.

If a reviewer has a definite opinion about not publishing any article, but the majority of reviewers and the editor decides to publish the article, they can submit their criticism to the editor for publication on the published issue of the article. The author's reply to this criticism is provided and published at the same issue.

The evaluation criteria of the reviewers for the publication of the article submitted to the journal are as follows:

  • Clarity of the purpose
  • Identification of the scope
  • Detailed and appropriate identification of the problem and the background
  • The relevant researches and the conceptual framework are extensively addressed.
  • Suitability of the research design and method
  • Suitability of the spelling and expression scheme of the article
  • Presentation, layout and consistency of the findings
  • Rationality of results and generalizations
  • Validity of the proposals and relevancy with the results
  • Contribution and originality in curriculum and instruction field in general