After Submission

Track Your Submission

You could track status of your manuscript via on site. Click for check the status of your manuscript.

Revision upon Reviewers’ Feedback

Reviewers’ feedback is immediately sent to author(s). Authors are required to complete the suggested changes in one month. When such changes are done, authors are required to give detailed information about the suggestions by the reviewers and the subsequent changes they have made on the first page of the revised manuscript file.

Authors should indicate their objections to the corrections requested by reviewers in a different color, or through Track Changes option in MS Word.. Download Form

After Acceptance


All accepted manuscripts to be published in International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies go through redaction edit process (both English main text and Turkish extended summary). Therefore, submissions are transferred to Redaction Unit following the acceptance. Manuscripts are sent back for confirmation to author(s) after redaction process.


Following redaction process, manuscripts are transferred to page-setting (layout) unit. When this phase is completed, manuscripts are sent to author(s) for final confirmation. Upon confirmation, the paper is given a DOI number and is published online on the website.