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  • Özcan Demirel


I have the honor to inform you that International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies (IJOCIS) is now publishing its thirteenth issue. There has been an increasing interest in manuscript submissions in our journal. This issue consists of ten peer-reviewed articles. Included in this issue are the following articles: “Curriculum Development Based on Students’ Language Needs at a Vocational High School” by Nezaket BİRGÜL AKTAŞ and Assoc.Prof.Dr. Feyza DOYRAN, “Investigation of Teacher Candidates’ Readinesses for Self-Directed Learning” by Assist.Prof.Dr. Ramazan ÖZBEK, Res.Assist. Mehmet EROĞLU and Res.Assist. Vildan DONMUŞ, “An Analysis of 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher’s Book In terms of Attainments, Activities, Skills, Values, and Assessment” by Assist. Prof. Dr. Fazilet KARAKUŞ, “The Critical Analysis of Lack of Philosophical Thought in Curriculum Development and Implementation Processes of English Preparatory School” by Instructor Bülent ALAN, “The “Learning Study” Model in the Improvement of Teaching and Learning: A Literature Review” by Dr. Ayşe DEMİREL UÇAN and Assist.Prof.Dr. Serkan UÇAN, “The Relationship between Code- Switching Beliefs of University Students in English Classes and Their Attitudes towards English” by Gülşah COŞKUN YAŞAR and Assist.Prof.Dr. Sevilay YILDIZ, “Validity and Reliability Study of Self Regulated Learning Encouragment Scale” by Res.Assist. Nilay ÇELİK ERCOŞKUN and Assoc.Prof.Dr. Kerim GÜNDOĞDU, The Relatıonships Between the Pedagogical Formation Program’s Students’ Bit, E-Learning and Life Long Learning Tendencies” by Assist.Prof.Dr. Duygu Gür ERDOĞAN, Assist.Prof.Dr. Seher BAYAT and Assist.Prof.Dr. Şener ŞENTÜRK , “A Study on the Non-Routine Problem Solving of Gifted and Non-Gifted 4th Gradersby Assoc.Prof.Dr. Neşe TERTEMIZ, Adem DOĞAN and Instructer Hamdi KARAKAŞ, The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Assessment and Evaluation Process in Mathematics” by Res.Assist. Ömer ŞİMŞEK, Res.Assist. Mehmet BARS and Assist.Prof.Dr. Yılmaz ZENGİN.


We would like to thank the reviewers of this issue for their comments and suggestions on each article. We also thank the authors who support our journal with their original scientific work. We invite educators in the field of Curriculum and Instruction, from both our country and all over the world, to submit original manuscripts with high levels of scientific quality to our journal. Inclusion in international subject indexes is linked to the scientific quality of articles published in the journal and we attach great importance the review process and accept articles selectively.


The “5th. International Congress on Curriculum and Instruction” ( will be held in Muğla-Marmaris with the cooperation of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Faculty of Education, and TACI from October 26 to October 29, 2017. The theme of the congress is “Curriculum Studies in Basic Education.” We hope to discuss our studies within this international scientific platform and share different perspectives based on your contributions.



Best wishes


Prof. Dr. Özcan Demirel


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