Indexation in ERIC since 2018 & onward


To the attention of our authors:

Some of our authors who are considering applying for associate professorship reported that they could not see their articles on the ERIC official website, which have been indexed in the ERIC database since 2018. This issue is not caused by IJOCIS. As a result of our communication with ERIC regarding this situation, we received the following message. We share with you:

"from ERICRequests
We have looked into the status of ERIC records for International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies. At present, there are 19 articles from v10 n1 and n2 2020 and v11 n1 2021 accessible in We are currently processing v11 n2 2021, the most current issue, and those articles should be available in ERIC within the next 30 days or so. As a matter of process, when a new source of content is brought under agreement, we index the most recent issues first, and the back issues are added as time permits. We cannot provide an exact timeframe for completing the back issues but will include all the issues published from v8, 2018 & forward. We appreciate your patience.
Please let us know if you have additional questions.
Kind regards,"

Thank you for your understanding.